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ScholarWord MLA Citation Fomatting Version

With easy formatting tools and comprehensive writing guides, this version has everything you need to write elegant papers that are fully compliant with the formatting requirements set forth by the Modern Language Association.

Paper Formatting

The MLA Edition formats your cover page and all of your citations according to 6th Edition of the MLA Handbook. ScholarWord remembers information like your name, school and courses and saves your citations for future reference to make writing more productive. ScholarWord citation categories include hundreds of types of citations:

APA format Books.

APA citation style Periodicals.

APA bibliography Print and other Non-Print Sources.

APA writing handbook Internet Sources.

ScholarWord also provides helpful tutorials -written by professors- for all of your in-text citations!

Writing Help

ScholarWord provides nearly 30 paper guides written by Ph.D.’s to help you step-by-step through any type of assignment - from MLA Style research papers to personal essays. The writing guides provide helpful information regarding the Purpose & Objective, Style, Format, and Structure (Including, but not limited to: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion techniques) of papers in each writing category. Writing categories:

APA Citation Style analytical writing MLA Style Research Writing

APA citation style speech writing Speech Writing

APA Writing Style literature writing Literature Writing

APA Writing Style personal writing Personal Writing

APA Writing Style persuasive writing Persuasive Writing

APA Writing Style Report Writing Report Writing

APA Writing Style research writing Analytic Writing

System Requirements

ScholarWord is the only product of its kind that works on every operating system: Windows, Mac OSX, Mac Classic, and Linux. ScholarWord interacts with the industry leading word processors, including Microsoft Word, Corel Word Perfect and Lotus WordPro. See System Requirements.

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