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What is ScholarWord?

ScholarWord is the leading style formatting software for academic writing! In a recent survey, ScholarWord users reported saving an average of over two hours when writing their papers.

What does ScholarWord do?

ScholarWord has two main functions. First, it formats your entire paper according to any of the leading style manuals. Secondly, it seamlessly integrates comprehensive writing help to guide you step-by-step through any assignment.

Will it work on my machine and with my word processor?

ScholarWord ‘works’ on  . It also works with
with   and also comes with a ‘built

in’ citation pad for those users without a word processor. See System Requirements

New Release!

Version 3.0 now supports the APA 6th Edition, Windows 7, Word 2010, has a new startup wizard, quick bibliography builder and so much more!

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MLA style format, APA style format software testimonials

"Thank you so much! ScholarWord is the first writing software I found easy-to-use. It's awesome!"
- LM, MassBay Community College

"If you are not using ScholarWord to format your citations, you're simply wasting your time." 
- J. M., Junior at SCSU

"I have enjoyed every minute of using ScholarWord. Thank you."
- Alan Hoare, Masters Degree Candidate, Huddersfield University

"ScholarWord is making my life a lot easier, I just wish I had it my first two years."
- B. Peltier, Junior at Bethel College

"After formatting my bibliography with ScholarWord, I was hooked."
- E. Fink, NCC

"Simply great! I really like so many things. But if I had to choose one thing [that I like best], it would be the citation/referencing feature. However, it would be remiss of me not to mention the tutorials on how to write/structure academic papers."
- A. Gooden, PhD Candidate in Economics

"I love how easy this program is to use!"
- Sue F., Registered Nurse, working towards her BSN.

"All students struggle with research and writing, but ScholarWord makes this process easy and even fun."
- Joshua Wieme, U of W, River Falls.

"As an educator, I would definitely endorse ScholarWord as an extremely useful tool for streamlining the paper-writing process. It's the greatest thing since spell checker!
- Tammi Wooden, Roanoke, VA,
teacher in Spanish I, II, ESL I, ESL Writing

"Students who use ScholarWord will complete papers that stand out and receive superior marks. As an English teacher, I will encourage my students to use this valuable writing aid."
- Fran Carroll, The Writing Workshop

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MLA format, APA format
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